The Best Education In The Forex Market

So many traders wander around aimlessly looking for the best education in forex. They never seem to get what they are looking for.  There is a very good reason for this.

So many people do like taking the easy way out when it comes to trading.  They would much prefer an automatic system that a toddler can follow.

That's the case with indicators.  Indicators are specifically target for people that have no interest in what the markets are doing.  They would much rather look at a bunch of random lines and colors that are interpreting the market for them.

Just about every indicator's purpose is to take your eyes off of the price (where you should be paying attention to)and look at the indicator. 

That indicator doesn't have some secret magical wand that can predict the future. It's just a formula that we're supposed to be using to help us trade. But does it really help?

Well, being that the forex market is filled with people losing money, I don't see how that could be the case. Especially considering that the vast majority of traders out there are using at least two indicators on their charts.

Traders have to learn to get back to the basics. That's what a forex trading education is all about.  You have to use the same priniciples that technical traders of all markets have been using since the beginning and will continue to use as long as there is a market to trade: Price Action.

It's honest and it doesn't lie. Its based on using price movements which get repeated in the market in a constant basis and using them to predict where the price is headed, which you are not going to find in the best forex systems.

There are no gimmicks with it.  What you see is what you get. Its as old as the market itself.

Legendary traders like Jesse Livermore would be on the floor trading stocks at the turn of the century, and would only be paying attention to price action to let him know when to buy and sell.  Its pretty impressive considering, not only he didn't have indicators.  HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A CHART!!

It's the same exact concept today.  Traders are emotionally predictable when it comes to certain markets.  You can tell the emotion of the market and how it handles certain moves just by looking at its price.  You get the support and resistance areas.  You get the future movements. You basically get to see the market through a big X-Ray Machine, and see what really makes it tick. 



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