A Currency Trading Education With Price Action Patterns


I know that many people are looking for a currency trading education.  Well.... I've got good news for you.  All you have to do is clean out your charts. When I say "clean" your charts, I mean just that!  Lose every single indicators, fibonnacci, gann line, whatever, that you use. What do you end up with?  

I can understand if you say "nothing". However, I would implore you to look a little deeper.  

When you see a chart completely void of indicators, it's natural that you feel like you're missing something, but that's what you have been programmed to think. We do live in an indicator crazed trading community.

I used to suffer from this illness myself. If there was an indicator to use, I would use.  I would scour all day on trading forums looking for free proprietary indicators that we're being posted.

It didn't matter if I knew or didn't know what most of these indicators did.  I was collecting them just for the sake of it.  I figured if I threw enough stuff against the wall, eventually something would stick and I could make a forex trading living.

But since I continued to lose money, it eventually started to synch in that this is not the right way to go about doing things.

The day I just started to look at an indicator free chart was the day I started to see the market in a whole new light. It was all due to price action.

When studying price action, I couldn't help but notice the patterns that were inherent in the market's movements.  It's interesting that patterns in price were reflective of the conditions of the market.

It allows you to not only understand the market at a technical level, but also on a fundamental level. Because once you understand underlying reasons why the market moves the way that it does, and how you can take advantage of it.

It's stunning that this is right in front of most traders and they are just not paying any attention to it. All the information is there in black and white.  Unfortunately for most people, things like stochastics, MACD, RSI, Fibonacci levels, and everything else that is blocking their view.

It's important that you learn how to trade forex the right way.  




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