Forex Trading Career - What It Takes To Have One?


There doesn't seem to be any shortage of traders who are crashing their accounts on a daily basis.  The sad thing is that they have all these hopes and dreams of having a successful forex trading training and all those dreams can end with one single bad trade.

If you are planning on having a long term career in this business, there are some things that you will have to do in order to achieve it.

First off, be prepared to take it seriously. I know this may sound really obvious.  But you'd be surprised how many wannabe traders just jump into this without even contemplating all the things that have to be learned.

All they want to do is make money, but they aren't actually interested in getting a real forex trading education and learning all the nuances that come with trading.

An example of this kind of mentality that people have are forex trading robots.  Here is something that will automatically trade the market for you when you are not paying attention to the market.  Does that sound reasonable to you?  It doesn't to me.

In fact, people have to stop having this holy grail attitude that is so common in young traders.  If you hear somebody mentioning a system as the holy grail, run as far away as you possibly can. There is no such thing and there never will be.

These are things that are promoted to people who are looking to make money and don't have any interested in actually learning forex.  The irony is if they stopped looking at all these shortcuts, and learned the right way to trade, then they would make money.  They are getting in their own way.

Besides trading robots, another thing to avoid are indicators.  People tend to use indicators as crutches.  Instead of understanding the real reason why the price moves the way that it does, traders just blindly follow their indicators, as if they knew what they were doing.

I think you will find that most traders who have had a successful forex trading career usually don't have a lot of the excesses that so many traders think you need in order to do this for a living.         



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